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Public Apology

Thompson & Morgan / BVG Public Apology
A public apology.

Design & Image

Digital Artwork

Digital Artwork Gallery
Collection of artwork and imagery created wholly or enhanced within the digital realm.


Nature Photography
Showcasing my nature-inspired digital photographs.


Digital Scripture Posters
A growing collection of vintage-inspired Bible scripture verse posters using authentic historical/antique images and papers and modern digital techniques in keeping with the vintage look and feel.


Boggle Board Creator
An easy way to generate an authentic English-language Boggle board when you don't have a physical board with you. Includes link to an online solver.
How to calculate maximum score remaining on a snooker table
A quick guide to calculating snooker scores.
Beginners guide to playing Pac-man.IO
A quick start guide to getting the most out of playing the new multiplayer casual online game based on Pac-Man and Agario.


Can I use Superglue to fix my broken dentures?
My personal experience and guidance for fixing dentures using Superglue.
How To Embrace Annoyances And Spin Them Into Positives
Ways to cope with annoying situations and turn them to something more positive.


Buy a MacBook Pro for Five Dollars
How to buy an Apple MacBook Pro for just $5.
How to Create a Bible/Scripture/Prayer 'Take a Break' Pop-Up on Mac OS X
A fairly in-depth tutorial about creating a recurring, scheduled "take a break" pop-up alert containing random Bible verses and prayer pointers, in Mac OS X using AppleScript and a cron job. Includes a fully commented AppleScript script, and instructions for setting up the required files and cron job.